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Birthday presents

I had asked my friends not to give me presents for my 60th birthday. But I understand giving gifts ~ I love to try to find the right present for someone. So, just like many of my friends, I take no notice of ‘no gifts’ messages either! I had other thoughts about gifts, which I will share later. I will mention that I suggested donations to be given to Ovarian Cancer Australia, which some guests did.


Sylvia said this in her card:

I know you asked NOT for presents, but I reckon sharing a plant is sharing a friendship. Hence the Wintersweet plant.

How sweet is that 🙂 Her gift is waiting to be planted, and I am looking forward to the delicious smells of the blossoms.

These are some of the gifts that my delightful friends bestowed on me. I am one lucky lady!

Some other plants...they must know I love to garden ;)
Some other plants…they must know I love to garden 😉

There are quite a few bottles of wine in my pantry now, which the Fella and I will enjoy, thinking about our friends. They must know that I love to drink wine too! 😉 Just in case you don’t understand why I chose this bottle to show you….my surname is Lawson!


There were lotions to help me look younger. Even if they don’t do that, they smell divine!


I love vouchers, especially ones for massages and art shops.


How delightful are these brooches? The blue grey one is decorated with a part of a feather. How did that gift giver know that I am obsessed with feathers?! 😉


As I said before, I understand that people like to give something. I decided that I would ask them to share some music with me. Music that they thought I might like. I wanted to listen to new performers and songs, ones that I would not choose myself. I was excited to see what friends would come up with. And I was not disappointed. However, I am not going to list them here. Instead, as I listen to each, I am going to tell you about it in a post. Wont it be nice to spread the enjoyment, and let you hear some of the music too? Sharing is one of the great pleasures of blogging! The first music post will be on the way to you very soon.

5 replies on “Birthday presents”

It sounds as though you had a wonderful birthday, Anne, and you have a lot of very thoughtful friends. I can’t go to parties empty-handed either – and it makes it so much easier when the birthday girl likes gardening. You can’t go wrong with a pretty plant – or a bottle of wine! You got some beautiful things. Enjoy! xoxoxoxoxoxox


I enjoyed one of the bottles of wine last night — a shiraz that the Fella and I sipped contentedly while eating his delicious roast lamb! It is so much easier to give gifts to people who have hobbies and passions, like gardening. If you don’t know quite the right thing to give, a voucher for the passion is always appreciated!


Your comment about the brooch makes me smile.A gift-free Christmas is a great idea. My family is not there yet, but I might try again this year. Thanks for the birthday wishes. xox


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