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60 and loving it!

Last Sunday I had the most wonderful night, celebrating my 60th birthday. It was one of those evenings where everything happened just as I hoped it would.

It is not my nature to be the centre of attention, but I decided that I wanted this celebration to be about me. I wanted to have special people there with me — and I wanted dancing!

So my Fella and I booked Riverview, down on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, with sweeping views to the lights of Melbourne CBD.

Looking from the balcony down the river to Melbourne
Looking from the balcony down the river to Melbourne


My wonderful friend Denise and I had so much fun organising the decorations. The venue had round bar tables (you know the ones, they are high and not very wide), that were covered with long black tablecloths. Our choice of lime green and silver was perfect. We even found decorations with lime green polka dots.


And I couldn’t resist these letters. I added the lime green crepe paper ~ so easy, but looks good.


I didn’t want a cake, but I did want a tasty replacement. Chocolates were the answer! The staff in the chocolate shop in North Essendon were so helpful, and packaged me up 70 delicious-looking morsels. (I am going to show them this photo, so they can see how I arranged their chocolates.) Luckily I took it before the party, because after the Happy Birthday Song there was none left!


The chocolate letters of my name were bought by the lovely Denise! Even though it wasn’t a cake, there needed to be candles. Silver star-shaped candles were just right. So I covered some foam blocks with alfoil and pushed the candles in. People were very taken with the idea of the chocolates, and even the staff were impressed. Feel free to use the idea too. It is very flexible ~ make the chocolates say what ever you want them to. 🙂

Something else that I really wanted to do was to give my wonderful friends a gift from me. I had great fun creating these bookmarks, and wondered who would take which one.



And I only had a few left over.


It was a wonderful night, everything that I dreamed it would be. The band, Dave Hogan’s Meltdown, was great to dance to. Yummy food. But the best was seeing all my friends and family together, chatting, enjoying each other’s company. I am so fortunate.






9 replies on “60 and loving it!”

It was a great night Anne, so much fun and so many good friends and family there to celebrate with you.


Happy birthday, Anne! I love everything about your party. Arranging chocolates into the number 60 is a brilliant idea. I may indeed borrow that when my 60th rolls around (I’ll be 55 this year). The lime green is such a cheerful and unexpected color. It’s vibrant and original, like you. Finally, what a great idea making bookmarks. I made a few for our Little Free Library using old calendars. Your talents seem endless. xox


It was such a lovely night and I am still basking in the glow. I am flattered that you wish to use some of my ideas, but why wait until you are 60? 56 would be delicious in chocolates too. And if you are not having a party, you get to eat more!! The lime green worked well. I am interested to note that when I am asked what my favourite colour is (usually by kids I work with), I rarely say ‘green’. However I am drawn to it in clothes, fabrics and obviously party decorations.

I am still planning to send some books over for your library, and would love to slip in some bookmarks. They won’t make it to your opening. 😦 But will be there in spirit.

Thank you for your lovely words about my art. You know, if you weren’t so far away, you would have been on my invite list. Oxox


You made me laugh, Anne. You’re so right; 56 would look divine in chocolates.

I use to say my favorite color is green, but I’ve come to realize that I love many colors, depending on the situation. I look good in blues, greens and purples, but in the garden, I like pinks and yellows along with reds, all colors that clash with my red hair. Funny that.

Please don’t worry about the official library opening. It will be a day to dedicate the library to two wonderful teachers, and we may even have the local paper. It’s so thoughtful of you to send a book (and maybe bookmarks, too).

Thanks for thinking of me. xox


I am so glad you celebrated your 60th in style. I don’t do much for the inbetween birthdays, but I always try to do something memorable for the big decades. Love the idea of the chocolate as I’m a chocoholic. Actually so is the Daughter. I asked her what she wanted for her 27th and it turned out to be about 40 Ferrer Roches. 🙂 She offered me two….. lol! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


I also don’t like being the centre of attention and for that reason avoid my own birthday celebrations as much as possible given family expectations… but love other peoples. You carried your 60th birthday event off with so much care, class and creativity, it’s a joy the see and hear about. Happy Birthday 🙂


Oh EllaDee, what lovely things to say! Thank you x x

As I get older I find that I am more upfront about Me. It is like having this blog, a chance to say, “This is me. This is what I want to say and how I want to say it.” So yes, there have been some modifications along the way! 🙂


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