Interview with ME!


I have to confess to a little quite a lot of grand standing here. Firstly the interview is on the blog for our project, Beckler’s Botanical Bounty. Secondly, I edit that blog. Thirdly, I interviewed myself! (small blush)

Now that I have declared that, I do want to say that you might find it interesting. My “interview” is about the plant, Cullen discolor, that I have been painting. It goes into more detail about the plant itself. As well there are posts of interviews* with other artists.

Interview with ME

* No inverted commas this time, because the posts really are interviews, where I asked questions and the artists chatted about their plants and paintings and reasons for being involved in the Project.


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  1. I left comments on the other blog, Anne. I love reading about your process and have great admiration for your talents,


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