I need some advice….what do you think?

I am having a birthday soon (yes, a big one ๐Ÿ™‚ ). My Fella would like to buy me a phone and I am not sure what sort.

My current phone is a dinosaur, given to me by my good friend Denise when my other died. It does all I need in a phone — it rings and it sends texts. I have a computer and the iPad, so I can be quite mobile. But I do get a little flurry of envy when I see others using their phones to access all sorts of things. ๐Ÿ™‚

i don’t want to pay a lot for it. An iPhone is out. But nor do I want to get a dud. Camera quality is a consideration, but I am also happy to continue to use my very fine little digital for more precise photos.ย 

So I am asking for your help. I know that many of you are way ahead of me in phone technology. Any suggestions?ย 

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I like my Motorola Razr. I can call, text, send and receive emails, write my blog, take and send very good photos, play games while I’m waiting for an appointment, listen to music, etc. It’s smaller and cheaper than an iPhone. It has a good battery which lasts a fair while. The screen is very clear and bright, and the colour resolution is very good. It has a function that lets me use it as a beside clock and alarm. What’s not to like? Telstra has them, I think, but you can easily buy one online.


I wish I could help you but I have a terrible phone I’m only putting up with because it cost me too much money to chuck it out! My only advice to you is to make sure you like the menu system on your new phone. I have always had Nokia phones and this time I bought a Telstra thing. I have hated the way the calendar works from day one and pretty much everything else about it! I used to use the calendar all the time but not in this phone. If only it had a good camera I would forgive it but it doesn’t even have that.


Hi Anne, I have a new HTC One which I bought before we went to Hawaii. One of the reasons I got it was because of the quality of the camera which is supposed to be the best of the current smart phones. I like the phone and find it easy to use, but I have had an HTC before and am used to that operating system. It does take great photos, all my Hawaii photos (including the panaramas) were taken with the phone. Not so great at night or in low light but I might not have worked out the best setting for that, could be an operator problem rather the phone. People like the Xperia phone too though; current reviews say it’s the best of the bunch.
Cheers, Janet


I have an iPhone and love it so not much help either. I use it to schedule appointments with my clients on site. I also use the camera a lot for client before and afters or product suggestions. I use a variety of apps including Facebook Messenger (free to text around the world) and the notes feature. I’ve connected it to Goodreads, Google +, and even WordPress. I get notifications on the go.

What a nice gift you have in your future.


I have a Telstra branded ZTE T82, which I bought because it is the only model that I could find with the antenna socket I needed for Taylors Arm. It’s ok generally but the camera is quite ordinary… one of the reasons there have been few elladee_images posts. Prior to that I was very happy with my Samsung smart phone and would have bought a new model. The only thing I would like from an IPhone is the gorilla glass as the G.O. and I have trashed 3 Android phones between us. He has reverted to using a standard mobile phone. Good luck.


Thank you to you all for your help ~ although to be honest, I am just as confused as I was before! But I will take all your suggestions, do some reading and check out prices. (While at work I asked one of my young co-workers what phone she used. She looked a little shocked that I would even consider anything other than an iPhone!) and Alys, you are so right. It is a wonderful dilemma to have (so many people have to choose to leave their home or stay in an unsafe situation — mine it just a phone.) And it will be a lovely present to get.


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