I am sitting safely in my workroom, listening to the ABC. Both facts are important, because as a result of a very hot, dry windy day, there are many bushfires out of control in Victoria. I am safe, but many other Victorians are not. The ABC is the emergency broadcaster.

There are Emergency Warnings for fast moving out of control fires, often for places I have never heard of. There are Watch Alerts for other places ~ leave now before the situation becomes too dangerous or be prepared to stay and fight. It is very volatile at the moment, and new fires become more threatening by the minute. Spot fires. Ember attacks. Danger.

Road closures abound. Amazingly our major highways are closed. The Princes Highway, the coastal highway between Melbourne and Sydney, is closed because of fires in Gippsland. The Hume Highway is closed ~ that’s the major route from Melbourne to Sydney. And the Calder is closed too, the highway between Melbourne and Bendigo, one of Victoria’s major rural cities.

I feel so much for those places and people who are in danger. But perhaps it is the and people places that you know that makes the most impact. There are fires to the north and east of Melbourne, outlying suburbs. Gisborne, Riddels Creek and Mickleham. Hey, I know someone who teaches at Mickleham Primary School! We travel thorough Riddels Creek to get to Echuca and the fire there is causing concern. That’s sort of just up the road. 

And in Warrandyte, which is an eastern suburb of Melbourne, is my blogging friend Meeks. The threat of fires always alarms her and she has prepared her property well. You may have come across Meeks lately, because she last week she blogged about my garlic print. She had bought the print from me and wanted to spread the word. Such a nice thing to do. I popped the print into the post office yesterday. I am hoping that all is well with her and that her print arrives as a “Thank goodness you are safe” present.

It was a catastrophe last time we had fires like this, when 173 people died. So the whole state is very anxious and on edge. My thoughts are with all those impacted.


By anne54

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8 replies on “Fire!”

Not a good day today. 😦 we went for a very long drive to get lunch today, there were more than 50 fire units less than ten km from home fighting a fire in very hot and blustery conditions. We didn’t need to be worrying about what might happen so we shut everything up and went off for a pie, coming back when the thing was under control. I’ll still be keeping an eye on it all night but at least the weather has changed for the better.
Worried about Meeks too, houses have been lost in Warrandyte this afternoon. 😦


Wonderful to know that you are both safe. Metan, that is such a laconic, Aussie reaction to the fire — let’s go and have a pie! Beautiful!

Rain is a few days away, I think. 😦


Thanks for thinking of us, Anne. The daughter and I stayed. We are in North Warrandyte – on the other side of the Yarra – so a couple of kms from the actual fire. We did all the proper preparation stuff and then stood in the front yard in our coveralls and boots, watching for embers. I am so happy it was another dress rehearsal, but with each one I keep wondering if the next one will be ‘it’.
One house definitely lost in Warrandyte proper [to the south] and I believe there is damage to a couple of others.
I really feel for those residents as fires are supposed to come from the north, not the south, so I’m sure they were taken by surprise. Thank god no loss of life.
The firies are still working on the fire but the wind has dropped so I think everything will now be ok. Will still have to keep checking until the official all clear comes through.

Ok, enough about fires! Your beautiful drawing is attracting a lot of attention, and I’m rapt. 😀 I hope the word keeps spreading because your work truly is lovely. 😀


Keep dodging those bullets, Meeks. It must be a nerve wracking to just be watching and waiting, no matter how well prepared you are. But then leaving must be so difficult too. Glad you will be able sleep more easily tonight.


Slept like a log. The cool was blessed but I think the relief was a better sleeping pill. Can’t imagine how those still in the fire affected areas are coping. Seems like the whole of the Macedon area is burning this morning. Roll on Thursday. I hope it bloody well POURS!


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