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Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.

Here in Melbourne we are heading into a week of temperatures in the high 30s, low 40s C. Last week I watched news items and read blogs about the freezing cold in the US. Cecilia’s blog really brought home to me about how cold that cold really is. I cannot imagine cold like that. I would be so unprepared, mentally as well as physically, for those freezing temperatures that I would not cope. So I am in awe of everyone who did.
A wish to all my blogging friends — may the temperature in your house be just right!


Yesterday was officially freezing.  Real freezing cold. Not that fake cold when your dressing gown is in the dryer and you have to run to the toilet in your nightie and the toilet seat is cold and you shiver and say God that is cold. No, this was real cold. Razer cold that shaves at your face and leaves it stinging for an hour after you come inside. Cold that keeps your mouth closed because there is no word for it. Cold that brings pain. When you come in you take the boots off your numb feet and then with your jacket still on you walk to the fire and stand there, trying to get your gloves off, waiting for the pain to lift so you can move again. Real cold.

I took this image at dawn yesterday.  I did not know at the time that the sun on the…

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2 replies on “Sundogs – like bookends for a frozen day.”

I’ve been reading about the weather over there too and thinking no matter how much I love the cold I might not last five minutes if that kind of weather arrived here unexpectedly. The most rugged up I ever get is adding a scarf over my cardigan so I’m not sure I even have a coat that could hold off actual iciness…..

Of course we might be wishing desperately for a bit of a blizzard in the next few days mightn’t we?
Happy icy poles to you!


I am longing for that blizzard — although I know I wouldn’t like it if it hit! Like you, I can’t imagine how cold that must be. Putting on an extra scarf and a pair woolly socks doesn’t quite seem enough.

happy icy poles to you too 🙂


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