An Award!!

I have received an award!! It came through just as I was starting my leaf painting giveaway. Even though it has taken me a while to respond to it, I am still very excited. (Just imagine what I will be like when that Nobel Prize for Chemistry finally comes through.)

I have been awarded the Liebster Award by Meeks at Meeka’s Mind. If you don’t know her blog, head on over and be prepared to enjoy yourself. I love her irreverence and her wit, and she has opened up the world of gaming for me to peek into. As well she is a fabulous indie author. I have only read snippets, but they have convinced me that I must read her novels. I know I will be challenged, intrigued and delighted by them.

So thank you. And now to the Award and the criteria.

The Liebster Award recognizes and promotes sites with less than 200 followers. Once you have received the award, it becomes your turn to show appreciation for those that inspire you. The rules are simple:

Acknowledge the thoughtful blogger who nominated you (Tick that off the list)
Answer the 10 questions s/he has asked
Nominate 10 other fabulous blogs for the award
Whip up 10 questions of your own – get creative!
Notify your honorees of their nomination

Okay, to business. Answer the questions Meeks has sent me. (You will get a feel for how her mind follows different paths from the questions she asked. While answering I was interested in how many of these I qualified or asked questions about. I am just not a black and white kind of person. :))

1. Which is the movie you have hated most in your entire life? [If you can’t think of a movie you may substitute a TV show]
I have a friend who hates “The Sound of Music” even though she has never seen it. I saw it 4 times as a kid and could say it off by heart! But that’s not answering the question….It’s difficult because I have quite a high level of tolerance for rubbish in movies and TV shows, as shown by the fact that I saw “The Sound of Music” 4 times! If I really have to give an answer, I would go for quiz shows, where they take an age to answer a question.

2. Which is your least favourite colour?
Depends on where it is — an artist’s response?!
In clothing — brown
In shoes — white
In flowers — hmmmm….
In decor — salmon pink
In feathers — white, because they are so damned difficult to paint on white paper
On baby girls — pink
In the sky — grey
And so on

3. How superstitious are you?
Not very.

4. If you could change yourself into one fictional character, who would it be? [You can gender swap or even choose an animal – e.g. Lassie] This was the most difficult. Easy to put myself into a story — Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. I wanted to visit there ever since I read it as a teenager. But I don’t want to be any of the characters — too much danger and not enough baths. So I will choose to be Thowra, the silver brumby from Elaine Mitchell’s series. I would gallop through the magnificent High Country, evading the traps of men and building up my herd of feisty mares.

5. Which animal would you NEVER have as a pet?
Easy, a spider.

6. You are abducted by aliens and you’re told to choose one plant to save out of all the possible plants on earth. Would you choose wheat, rice, sugar cane, or the cocoa plant?

Abducted by aliens, and I am worrying about a plant to choose?!! Okay…..Rice. It feeds millions of people. Millions of chocolate lovers will disagree with me when I say that sugar and the cocoa plant are unnecessary, and many have intolerances to wheat. (But why can’t I rescue coffee or tea plants too?!)

7. Which is the worst make of car you have ever owned? [If you don’t drive you can nominate some form of public transport]

I get sentimentally attached to my cars. Selling them is very difficult. So is choosing one to be the worst. I will tell you about one instead. It was a Mini that often refused to start. It was a manual, so I was able to jump start it — put it in first, roll down the hill, and, when there was enough speed, let out the clutch and, hopefully the engine would kick start. Luckily I lived on a hill, but it did mean that anywhere I visited had to be on a hill too!

8. If you had to choose between a Da Vinci painting, or one by Picasso, or Van Gogh, which would you choose?
I don’t want a Da Vinci painting (well, maybe if you twisted my arm…) but I would love to have some of his drawings. Then a Van Gogh. Then a Picasso.

9. Would you rather play chess against a computer, or Solitaire?

10. Red wine, white wine, beer or spirits?
Can I have them all, except for beer?

11. If the zombie apocalypse hit tomorrow, what would you take with you into your bunker – a tablet full of music or a kindle full of books?
Is there power after the zombie apocalypse? If there is, I would take the kindle full of books. If not, I would raid the library before I closed the hatch into the bunker. (And sneak in some music too!)

Okay, the last thing I’m supposed to do is tell you some little known fact about myself. However, I think I have told you a few little known facts as I have ambled about answered the questions. In an upcoming post I will tell you about my adventures as a door opener for the Queen.

I am worn out from answering all of that. 😦 I promise I will nominate my other blogs and list my questions tomorrow! Stay tuned!

8 replies on “An Award!!”

Congratulations on the award nomination, and on fulfilling ti so eloquently answering Meek’s questions:) I get sentimentally attached to cars also – we both have that in common with Meeks. I’ve had mine for 12 years and would be truly devastated if I ever had to part with it.


The Fella sold his LandRover Defender a number of years back. I remember thinking that it looked like a huge elephant waiting to be sent off to the Zoo ~ like some big lumbering beast that I was sending off to an awful fate!


Sorry to be late Anne! I just read through your answers and found myself giggling the whole time. I’m really looking forward to seeing what questions /you/ come up with for your vic…I mean nominees. 😀


Well, they were inspiring questions to begin with! It is an interesting experience to answer things that other people put to you. Some I found easy, others needed quite a bit of thought — and even then I didn’t always give a definitive answer! However, thinking up my own questions was no mean feat either!


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