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One year and 101 posts…..and a leaf painting giveaway

WordPress has just sent me a reminder that I began blogging one year ago. It coincides with over 100 posts. And just the other day I was awarded my first award by Meeks. More of that very soon.

So a big thank you to all who have followed me, liked things I wrote and made comments.  Each time one of those things happen I get a little buzz and a smile!

The anniversary also coincides with a giveaway I organised — one of my leaf paintings. While it is to announce new paintings in my Etsy shop, it is also a nice way for me to say “Thank you” to you for being with me. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post. If you would like a chance to win it, head over to the post by clicking here. You have until midnight Thursday 30th (Australian EST).

The leaf painting you could win
The leaf painting you could win

This blogging is a funny caper. A lot like life, really. When I began I had Grand Ideas, I had a Plan, a List of Regular Posts. Maybe that list is still around somewhere. You may well think that I have stopped reading and gardening, because it is a while since I wrote about either. I had the best intentions of them being monthly posts. Instead, I seem to be writing about things that come my way. Travels, art work, exhibitions, other odds and ends.

And I have loved it. Blogging has become an important part of my life.

As have the people I have met through my blog. Our notion of ‘community’ is changing. It must. I know that I am part of a community in the blogosphere and I value many of the relationships I have made in that community. It doesn’t take much time here to see the connections and support between us. So thanks for dropping into my space every so often, and for letting me get to know you.

Don’t forget your chance to win my leaf drawing.

4 replies on “One year and 101 posts…..and a leaf painting giveaway”

Community really has changed now hasn’t it? We have unexpected friends all over the country and the world and all with such diverse interests. Happy blogiversary and thank you for sharing your lovely art work with us. 😀


Yep, it is one of the things that I really enjoy. My Fella can’t understand how I choose to sit on the computer for ages. But I love catching up with what is happening the the worlds of those ‘unexpected’ friends.

A good thing about this community is that you can show as much or as little of yourself as you choose. The community in the real world sees the peeling house paint and the unkempt front yard! 😀


Oh yes! That is a definite plus! I can share my photos of spiders in the garden without sharing the cobwebs in the corners of my house. 😉
The Man is the same as your Fella, “Are you STILL on that thing?” It can be hard to drag yourself away sometimes. 🙂


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