Beckler’s Botanical Bounty — in ‘The Age’!

I am involved in an ongoing botanic art project, connected to the Burke and Wills Expedition into Central Australia in 1860. Today there was an article in ‘The Age’, Melbourne’s newspaper, about the project, and an interview with Mali Moir, our driving force. It is very exciting!


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2 Responses to Beckler’s Botanical Bounty — in ‘The Age’!

  1. EllaDee says:

    Interesting, and great that there is a media article about it. I always wondered, and now I know “Botanists use illustration rather than photographs because it provides clearer detail.” 🙂


    • anneb54 says:

      It is an odd concept, that the drawing can show more detail than a photo. I think it is because as the artist you focus on particular details, while the camera takes it all.

      Having said that, I have seen some stunning botanic art with digital photos. New technologies are allowing new forms to flourish.


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