I would like to thank.... Kindness

I would like to thank #2…….

Sometimes in our busy lives the smaller kindnesses can get overlooked and eaten up. One of my aims is to stop, to take the time to acknowledge the kindness, to say “Thank you”.

One of my simple pleasures is to go to the Victoria Market to do the shopping. (More on the Vic Market in another post.) We go to a coffee shop in Elizabeth St and over the Summer have been sitting outside. I saw the following happen. (I noticed this a little while ago and was going to post it. I didn’t get to it, and then serendipity stepped in and showed me a blog along the same lines.)

An elderly, probably homeless, man walked along the street. He was stopped by another man who was sitting having coffee. The elderly gent was told to sit down while the coffee drinker went into the cafe. After a little while the elderly gent had a latte and a piece of cake to eat. I was really touched by the simple gesture of the coffee drinking man. What an easy thing to do, and yet I have never thought of doing it. So thanks to him for the gesture, and for showing me the way.

Then recently I came across a blog on a similar theme. This is the link. It tells the story of a coffee drinker finding out about ‘suspended’ coffees. While you are buying your coffee, you can buy a ‘suspended’ coffee. Homeless people can come into the cafe and ask for a ‘suspended’ coffee. In some places you can also buy ‘suspended’ sandwiches or other food.

I think that is a wonderful idea, and would like to be able to do it in Melbourne.

So, what do I hear only a little while after I wrote that? There is a move afoot to have suspended coffees here. They have a Facebook page (of course!), and are starting to gather momentum. Next time I go into that coffee shop at the Vic Market I will ask them about suspended coffees — and let you know.

(Don’t you love it when the universe lines up?)

By anne54

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16 replies on “I would like to thank #2…….”

I love hearing about such gestures, and it does take a bit of confidence I think to be able to execute, so in that way the suspended coffees are a great idea. My partner, the G.O. worked for while on a construction site in the city, with early morning starts and built up a coffee routine with a homeless man at his local cafe. It made him happy to do so – those things work both ways 😉


Elladee, thanks for dropping by. Lovely to hear about your partner — so much goes on under the radar. And you are right, donating is a two-way thing. I admit that I get a good feeling for doing it. However, I do feel that I need to give back some of the good fortune I have in my life.


I really hope the idea of suspended coffees takes off. I would far rather give in such a direct way than sign up to ‘subscribe’ to a charity that must waste gazillions of its funds paying people to sign other people up to donate money to pay for….. gah.

Sort of on the same topic, the local IGA here in Warrandyte has a wheelie bin to collect pet food for an animal shelter. Every time I shop at IGA I buy one extra tin of cat food and drop it into the wheelie bin on my way out. It’s such a tiny thing, and so painless to the pocket book, and yet those donations grow so quickly, and help feed so many. If we are capable of doing that for animals, we should be able to do even better for human beings!

I’m going to reblog this Ann.


I would be honoured if you reblog — the more who know about it the better. I think we all like the idea of what we donate going directly to the cause we are donating to. Your IGA dog food is a great example of this. Maybe the more simple the better…..


Carrie, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. I agree that’s it’s a simple, great idea. There may be a Facebook page for your city, or the US as a whole. (There is a Facebook page for everything else!) Maybe it is as simple as going to your regular coffee shop and talking to them about it. Maybe they could put up a sign, or something.


What blows me away about this is its simplicity. Like all good ideas one wonders why it hasn’t been done before. Yes, generosity takes over the world!! Love it!


Just to follow up… I went into the coffee shop at the Victoria Market and asked for our 2 coffees and then asked if they do suspended coffees. The chap taking the order didn’t know what I was talking about, but the one making the coffee said he had heard of it. They were quite happy to take the money for the extra and seemed to have someone in mind that could benefit. YAH!!


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