I’m back…did you miss me? Cause I missed you!


This blogging thing is a funny caper. I have only been doing it for a little while, but already feel attached to a community wider than my own little computer. I have been working over the last few weeks, which has taken me away from this world. So I haven’t had time to put my heart into blog posts. But also, I haven’t had time to be part of the community, and strangely, I have missed this as much as my own blathering. I have been reading the posts of others, but haven’t had time to comment or like. And I haven’t been to check out those lovely bloggers who have liked my posts, or started following me, or commenting. I haven’t been exploring to add blogs to my list of blogs that entertain me, inform me, delight me.

But now I am back to wander down those lovely little pathways that is the blogging world!

And in case you are interested, I have been working at a great holiday program run by the YMCA. In my past life I was a primary teacher. Working in this program is a great way to be with kids, without all the extras that teaching entails. We organise a program that is lively, interesting and fun.

These holidays we have been feeding sharks and rays — not the children to the sharks, I hasten to add. The photo of me in waders was not pretty! We had a fantastic face painter come to the centre — from koala faces and butterflies to bullet holes and black eyes. I have to say I preferred the koala and butterfly faces myself. We went kayaking, flying down flying foxes and through mysterious tunnels. We went swimming one day and to the movies another. There was a party day, with karaoke and party food.

It is run from the Essendon area of Melbourne, so if you know of primary school aged children in that area who are looking for interesting activities in the next holidays, have a look at the YMCA link here.

Now I am off to wander through the blogging world. See you soon!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. metan says:

    Sounds like you need a holiday from the holiday! 😀


    1. anneb54 says:

      Since I stopped teaching my life is one big holiday, interspersed with bouts of frenetic activity! I am loving the mornings, and being able to get up in my own time. No horrible alarm clocks 🙂


  2. Helen says:

    Yes, there is something very rewarding from blogging, and I miss it when I am too busy to write.


    1. anneb54 says:

      I am surprised at how quickly I have become involved in this world — and these lovely comments are why I enjoy it so much!


  3. puravida says:

    Welcome back! And happy spring.


    1. anneb54 says:

      It is good to be here (even though I was only gone a short while!). Happy spring to you too.


  4. Blathering says:

    I know how you feel! I was away travelling for a month….now I feel like I need to catch up on what everyone else was writing while I was away!


    1. anneb54 says:

      Sometimes you feel that you are never going to catch up!


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