Odds and Ends

Easter is…….

In Melbourne, Easter is the beginning of Autumn. (I wonder what the season is for the Wurundjeri people?)So for me Easter is the time to enjoy the cooling weather, the crisp mornings, the shortening days; to notice the beginnings of Autumn, the turning leaves, the ripening pumpkins, to think about Winter veggies. To hear the magpie call in the morning.

It is also the time of regret — putting away the sandals and pulling out the socks and boots; putting away Tshirts and cotton pants and pulling out jumpers and coats and scarves.


Easter is holiday time — in fact the last time until Summer comes around. For me Easter is being at Eildon, at Somers, up in the High Country or on the Murray River. When I was a child we would often take off in the caravan, perhaps to Bright or to Wilson’s Promontory. But where ever I am, it is being with family and friends, loved ones all.

Easter is also about being at home, like this year. Easter is the being of the term holidays. When I was a teacher I loved the chance to wake up slowly, to read in bed (I still love that!), to paint all day, to see movies with friends. (I still love those things too!)

Easter is a time of reflection. It is a gentle time. New Year is too hot too really think about the coming year, to set goals and make plans. There is something about Autumn that makes me more introspective. This is the time when I muse on my life and the lives of others. I think about where my year is heading, what I would like to achieve.

(Photo copyright: Anne Lawson)
(Photo copyright: Anne Lawson)

If you have followed my ramblings this far, you will have noticed what Easter isn’t for me. It is not a religious time, but it may be a spiritual time. For me there are no church services, but I recognise that for many people that is important. Also Easter isn’t a time of chocolate. I will eat it if it is there — I helped my partner demolish an chocolate bunny! But I neither demand nor crave chocolate. Sometimes I buy eggs, sometimes I don’t. I would have bought a chocolate bilby if I could have been bothered to find where to get them.

However, I have to admit that when I was a child I drooled over those really fancy eggs. You know the ones. They are large, and the chocolate looks like it is really thick. They have flowers and swirls on them, and often Happy Easter written too. Then they are done up in cellophane. How I wanted one — but never got one!!

On the other hand, I remember one year I kept an egg way past Easter, to see how long it lasted. Unfortunately my experiment was foiled (very punny!) when my brother ate it! I was not a happy little bunny at that point.

I hope your Easter was a good one, and that you got a chance to chill out with those you love. 🙂

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