Signs of the time

I love the old signs that you see painted on walls and doors. The forgotten fragments of time past. These are just some that are hidden in plain sight in Melbourne.

Can you recognise them? Hold your mouse over the photo to find out where it is.


By anne54

Botanic artist

6 replies on “Signs of the time”

I love those old signs that hide quietly in unexpected places, and the buildings with the date on them always put a smile on my face 🙂
A large house was built in Wandin a few years ago, in a classic style, not a modern monstrosity, and set in the tower at the top was ‘2010’. Every time I go past I am thrilled that they are continuing that tradition.


I like the recent dates on buildings too — a sign of commitment. However I smile when I see businesses that say something like “established 1983”. That’s not that long ago — until I do the sums! The smile quickly fades….


I bet seeing Est 1883 on a facade seemed a bit silly in 1900 too, but here we are looking back at it all these years later! I can only hope that the buildings with more current dates on them stay around long enough to be looked back at fondly in the future.


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