I would like to thank.... Kindness

I would like to thank….. #1

Sometimes in our busy lives the smaller kindnesses can get overlooked and eaten up. One of my aims is to stop, to take the time to acknowledge the kindness, to say “Thank you”. One example came my way this week.

On Tuesday morning, we found a baby possum lying on the paving under the clothes line. She was a tiny ball of wet fur, shaking slightly. (Later my partner asked me how I knew it was female. I said because she was strong and courageous! As it turned out, she was a he. Oh well, still strong and courageous!)

We put him in a box lined with newspaper, and investigated wildlife organizations. It took a while to get on to someone — and that conversation happened because the carer took the time to get back to me. She said we needed to get the possum to a vet as soon as possible.

So I took the little fellow (still thinking she was a little lass!) to the vet. The receptionist told me that the vet would look at him, and if all was well, pass him onto a wildlife carer. I went back yesterday to find out what had happened.

As it turned out, while he survived the night and went to a carer, he died during the day. Poor little thing.

So, I want to acknowledge my vet, Noel Smith, and his staff for the time they volunteer to help hurt wildlife. And more widely, all those other vets and wildlife carers who do so much to help animals injured as a result of our presence. Our world would be a poorer place with out them.

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