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Favourite books of 2012

I am a list maker, and for many years I have recorded the books I read in a year. At the end of the year I tally up how many I read, and think about my favourites. This, of course leads to another list! So favourites for 2012, and in no particular order:

Anna FunderAll that I am

John FowlesThe French Lieutenant’s Woman. (One I had read many years ago, and enjoyed as much second time around. I liked the way he played around with the concept of a novel. I also watched the film again.) 

Jennifer EganA visit from the goon squad

Joanne HarrisThe lollipop shoes. (I read a few of hers this year, sparked off by a visit to France. All of them are good reads, but this was my favourite. The characters from Chocolat were there, living in Paris.)

Bernd HeinrichThe snoring bird (I thought I was an avid reader of books with a natural history theme, but it turns out this was one of only a few I read in 2012. Heinrich’s autobiography follows his idiosyncratic father’s life from pre-war Poland and Heinrich’s own development as a scientist.)

Alex MillarAutumn Laing

Paula McLainThe Paris wife 

Helen O’NeillFlorence Broadhurst (Another biography. Florence reinvented herself a number of times in her life and eventually became a wallpaper designer and manufacturer in Sydney in the 70’s. She was brutally murdered in 1977.)

Teresa WaughThe house

But my favourite for the year, and up there in my list of All Time Favourites is

Elliot PerlmannThe street sweeper

What were your favourites? What would you would recommend to an avid reader?

4 replies on “Favourite books of 2012”

I am interested in the one about Florence Broadhurst, I have heard about her before and she sounded like a very interesting person. My house would not suit her wallpaper but I dream of having some of it in frames on the walls 😀


Florence was a fascinating woman, who, when she felt it was needed, was quite prepared to move on from her old life. So many parts of her life only have sketchy information. (This made the biographer’s task very difficult!) Of course her murder is the biggest mystery, with no one charged with her death.

I agree with you about ‘her’ wallpapers — they are stunning. (Who actually designed them? Another area of the unknown.) The book, borrowed from my library, had many of them printed as illustrations accompanying the text. My problem with having a Florence Broadhurst design in my house, aside from money 🙂 would be which one to choose.


That would be the beauty of having small pieces of her wallpapers in frames, you could have many of them, and change them around at will! 🙂

I had heard about the mystery of her murder. It is amazing that no-one was ever charged.


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