How does my garden grow? Plants

How does my garden grow?

The trees in my street are beautiful jacarandas — one of my very favourite trees. I also have one in my backyard. Really, it is too big for my small yard, but I can’t bring myself to  do anything about it.

The jacarandas were out in December and were simply beautiful.

IMG_6671 IMG_6669 IMG_6670

After some heavy rain and wind the fallen petals look a little like purple snow.


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Jaracanda comes from Brazil to Northamerica, in my country Mexico is very common in public spaces or in Buenos Aires you can find giant trees in squares…beautiful tree without doubts


These street trees are only young. Imagine how they will look in a couple of years! (They replaced melaleuca trees, which dropped fine leaves onto our car and stuck under the windscreen wipers. I much prefer the purple jacarandas.)


I love jacarandas too. They remind me of summer in Sydney, where you see a lot more of them. I’m from Melbourne too, but Sydney always retains a kind of summery, holiday vibe for me. (Frangipani trees remind me of Sydney even more and are my favourite.)


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It has been a time of reflection lately, but the jacarandas that line my street remind me of a world beyond my own head. I am reposting this which I wrote nearly two years ago. The trees are still breath-takingly beautiful.


When we traveled to Argentina in 1995 I fell in love with Jacarandas. We planted one in our garden a year later in front of our new home. Sadly, a heavy frost knocked it back significantly, then later the roots failed making the tree a falling hazard. It was a sad day when they came to cut it down. It was a beloved tree.

It makes me smile seeing so many of the growing near your home. Your photos do them wonderful justice.


A sad day indeed, Alys. Loosing any tree is heart wrenching, but to loose a jacaranda…..I am lucky to have them planted as street trees. Much better than the others that were there. I have even more around me now, as the school close by has planted them out the front. However, they have planted 16 (yep, I have counted them) in a row, with about 2 metres between each and only about half a metre from the wall of the school. I love them, but that seems very foolish to me. Still, I will benefit from their beauty 🙂


Very poor planning. 2 died not long after they were put in, but they were replaced. Now I noticed that another has died. Oh well, I can enjoy their beauty and leave the problems up to them.
Have a wonderful Christmas, Alys. I hope it is full of family and happiness, and only a little over-indulging!


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