Now I am just showing off!!

Somewhere in me lurks an Earth Mother. I think she is probably a rather smug creature who wonders why everyone doesn’t live a sustainable, green lifestyle. However, I let out her out to create my presents this Christmas. She has been pickling and baking the last week or so; sterilizing jars and making labels. Yes, handwriting them. (I did mention she  was rather smug!)

But you have to hand it to her, she makes a very nice chutney and pickle! Sorry — I can only give you the proof in photos, not in a taste test.

IMG_6832 IMG_6829 IMG_6831 IMG_6824 IMG_6826 IMG_6828

And here is a glimpse behind the scenes….even Earth Mothers make messes!





Who knows, I may be able to persuade her to do a guest appearance on the blog, getting her to write down the recipes. 🙂


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  1. metan says:

    Oooh, please make the zucchini pickle first cab off the rank 🙂

    My extra request is for a recipe for chilli pickled onions. The Man is addicted to them and the nearest supermarket that may or may not stock them, depending on mood, is over 30ks away. He has tried to make his own but I think he was a little heavy handed with the chilli judging by the way his eyeballs were sweating 😉


    1. Anne Lawson says:

      I will get you that recipe as soon as I can lure the Earth Mother from the garden, where she is waging war with whitefly — save the tomato bushes, save the world!

      Chilli pickled onions sound good, but not one I know. Maybe he should try again, with a little less chilli (and pass the recipe on to me?!) I have only made pickled onions once. I used too many cloves and the onions anesthetized my mouth. My partner will eat most of what I make, but he drew the line here!


      1. metan says:

        Oh yes, save the tomatoes first!

        When he taste tested the jar the first thing out of his mouth was a gasping “less chilli next time”! I suggested he throw it away and try again to be met with a “No way!” and him going back for a second round of torture. Even though the Man has never been beaten by spicy food (yet) I am sure the next shake of chilli flakes will be treated with a little more caution.


  2. acflory says:

    No, no! The pickled cherries please!


    1. anneb54 says:

      Sorry, Metan’s request was first — have to be fair! But I will post the cherries, if what I have to say next doesn’t change your mind…..I haven’t tasted the pickled cherries (but the Earth Mother is confident that they will be tasty). Cherries have had a bumper season here and are therefore not only luscious but CHEAP! So when I came across the recipe for them I knew the stars were obviously in alinement, and the EM rose to the occasion.

      (By the way, thanks for visiting, and following!)


      1. acflory says:

        -grin- Thanks Anne. I shall contain myself with dignity, or at the very least I promise not to say ‘Are we there yet?’

        Have a happy [and productive] New Year. 😉


        1. anneb54 says:

          Happy New Year to you too.

          I certainly can’t hear you in the back seat, saying “Are we there yet?”!


          1. acflory says:

            -mumble mumble- 😉


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