How does my veggie garden grow?

On gloriously sunny days like today the garden is a wonderful place.

The front of my house faces north. In the Southern Hemisphere that is the perfect light for growing vegetables. So my front garden is the perfect place to grow veggies. It is not big — only about 9 square metres — but that is big enough to make me feel rather self-sufficient.

What’s growing at the moment?

A couple of tomato bushes. (What’s a veggie garden with out them?!)

Tomaot flowers
Tomato flowers
Tomato flowers -- San Marzano
Tomato flowers — San Marzano

Also a bush of orange capsicums

Flowers of an orange capsicum
Flowers of an orange capsicum

The bush beans have just gone in — not too late I hope. I think they will be yellow beans. I am hoping they will do well, as I prepared the soil with manure and worm castings.

Bush beans emerging
Bush beans emerging

The potatoes will be dug up very soon. No picture of them, but I will take a photo of the harvest. The strawberries have been fruiting for a while, and I have been picking a handful most days. They get added to the breakfast fruit and yoghurt. With the fruit on the bushes still to come I think we will be eating them over summer.

Tomorrow's breakfast (if the slugs don't get there first!)
Tomorrow’s breakfast (if the slugs don’t get there first!)

Plants often pop up from the compost. This one, which I think is a pumpkin, came up under the tomatoes. It was determined to survive, so I gave it a helping hand and replanted it in its own space. (My helping hand may have killed it, but I think it is recovering.)

Visitor from the compost -- pumpkin perhaps?
Visitor from the compost — pumpkin perhaps?

Still to go in — an eggplant, some radish seeds and another tomato bush. Yum!!


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