Leaving the Flinders Ranges

I am going to leave blogging about the Flinders Ranges for awhile. Time to move east to Menindee and Kinchega National Park. So, one last photo……

Path along a ridge, where you were definitely walking on the bones of the Earth. (I think the white plant is Silver mulla mulla.)

…..and a link to a blog that has beautiful photos of the Ranges.

I came across Peter McDonald’s stunning photos in the Prairie Hotel, Parachilna — aerial photos of Lake Eyre in flood, taken from such an altitude that they became abstracts. Beautiful…..

2 replies on “Leaving the Flinders Ranges”

Really interesting rock formations! Do you know what kind of rocks these are? Are they a type of granite? And why do they emerge from the ground like that?


The formations are sensation! Apparently the rock is quartzite — and that’s the limit of my knowledge! However they emerge because the area has been geologically folded and tipped over many millions of years, and the softer rocks have weathered away. They are also really difficult to walk on!!


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