A farewell sunset from the Finders Ranges

We stayed in the Rawnsley Park Station camping ground. We were lucky enough to be there with a group of jazz musicians who came up every year to play. Over 4 or 5 nights they generously gave free jazz concerts for campers.

Part of the jazz band…….

……and the other part of the jazz band

While they were playing I slipped out to take these photos of the sunset.


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  1. metan says:

    Rawnsley Park is a great place to stay, isn’t it? We stayed there a few years ago and surprised the kids with pizza from the restaurant, the Man guiltily tracking his dusty boots through their immaculate dining room to pick it up, then sat up at the lookout all alone and ate while we watched the sun go down. Wonderful šŸ˜€


    1. anneb54 says:

      Thanks for sharing that, but I am sure you weren’t the first with dusty boots! It is a wonderful place to watch the sun go down! The light picking up the colours on Rawnsley Bluff was magical. I was really impressed with the camping ground — well set up and so friendly. Definitely recommend it as a place to stay — and the jazz band was a lovely bonus!


  2. james says:

    Those look like banjos! šŸ™‚


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