Travel journal

Like most people I collect things as I travel. I have inherited my Mum’s passion for brochures but I also add my own treasures from the natural world — feathers and shells and seed pods and flowers (often photos, because I know I can’t pick native plants). Then there are the memories and the information. On past travels I have kept written journals. However, over this year I have become more fascinated with pictorial journals, looking at how other artists create their keepsakes. This time I decided to record this journey to Menindee and the Flinders Ranges differently.

I have used a Daler-Rowney book. Its paper is 150 gsm, and a good quality cartridge which took watercolour washes quite well. It is 27 by 22 cm and is landscape. Although it is bound and not spiral, I really like how it opens flat. I have been able to work comfortably across the double pages.

I had so much fun at night  working on this journal. (No TV in the caravan!) I needed to think about the layout, how to make it visually interesting, what I wanted to record, as well as making each page cohesive.

I would love to know how you record your special memories. Why don’t you leave me a comment?


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6 Responses to Travel journal

  1. Hedera says:

    This is lovely Anne work. I’m put in mind of one of those Victorian lady travellers/adventuresses 🙂 I actually don’t keep journals (despite my best intentions) and always admire those who do.


    • Anne Lawson says:

      They were amazing ladies, and have more grit and determination that I do! Making a dedicated effort seems to be necessary to keeping a journal. I can’t do it back home because of all the distractions of life — and the TV!!


  2. beverlydyer says:

    Thanks for visiting the Art Prescription. Love your travel journal! I love to walk and nature sketch. Sometimes my sketch becomes my haiku and visa versa.


  3. james says:

    Your drawing of the wallaby is very cute. 🙂


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