I am not a fan of Halloween, but I do love a gargoyle!

Halloween leaves me rather cold, especially all the kitschy stuff that seems to be around at the moment. Do we really need more plastic pumpkins or rubber skeletons? Isn’t there enough junk in the world?

However, I do love gargoyles, especially ones that are hundreds of years old. I had one of those “How silly am I?” moments when I learnt that the word gargoyle refers to throat, because gargoyles are really water spouts! (Gargle, gurgle, see the connections?) You can see the gutter in this photo. Let’s bring back gargoyles instead!

They were made to look ugly on medieval churches because they represented evil. They were a visual reminder in an illiterate society. As the gargoyles were on the outside of the church, the message was that inside the church was safer than outside. But gargoyles aren’t always mythical creatures. In the photos below you can see a pig and sheep. These are on the fascinating Southwell Minster, England.

Sheep and pig gargoyles on Southwell Minster, England
Southwell Minster

These following photos are from French churches and cathedrals.


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  1. Di says:

    Thanks Anne, as you know I am a huuuuuuuge fan of gargoyles, one of the most gorgeous ones I’ve seen is on Notre Dame. Also America has some cool ones – there is a metal one on the Chrysler building which is pretty much to die for. I think every house should have one!


  2. Anne Lawson says:

    Hmmmm, a metal one on the Chrysler Building. Definitely one to search out! Thanks for the tip, and the comment.


  3. james says:

    These gargoyles are amazing! Very dramatic representations. I guess the builders had a sense of theater. I can imagine them water pouring out of their spouts on a very rainy day.


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